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BBC Film Review

The world's most unlikely spy

"hidden figure of the spy world . Depicted with dramatic flair in A Call to Spy reclaims underappreciated women in history.... These heroines speak to the present through their unrelenting battles against the sexist establishments of their day. None of their lives was more dramatic than Virginia's. [The film] uses [the spy genre] effectively, creating suspense and near-misses whenever the Nazis approach. Resistance is a common thread.... In 2016, the CIA named a building after Virginia Hall... Telling Virginia Hall's story on screen, along with those of other undersung heroines, is a more dynamic living tribute than any building could be.

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The Guardian UK

3 out of 5 stars

"Exploring the cultural sexism meted out to women during the second world war, this drama based on real people avoids cliche.
Written by Sarah Megan Thomas and directed by Lydia Dean Pilcher, this is a righteously conceived drama designed to highlight the smothering sexism that greeted women’s contributions to the war effort, in particular anything that smacked of ambition above lowly clerical grades.... A Call to Spy benefits from the considerable effort that has clearly gone into re-creating period interiors and ephemera,... Thomas and Pilcher are determined to avoid making a flashy war epic, and stress the sacrifices of everyone involved"

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AIRMAIL Film recommendation

BEST FILM: "A Call To Spy"

"A Call to Spy
is a suspenseful W.W. II espionage drama, but very much suited to
these times."

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3.5 out of 4 stars

"I was engrossed for every moment of the film's 123-minute running
time. A Call to Spy is an engrossing and often thrilling spy drama,
and a tribute to this courageous and diverse group of women. These
women were heroes. Hidden figures no more."

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“Sarah Megan Thomas' script shines a light on the forgotten soldiers
of World War II: Britain's circle women spies. With strong
performances by Radikha Apte and Megan Thomas herself, it's a

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“True stories about brave, everyday people fighting evil powers never
go out of fashion, and “A Call to Spy” joins their ranks with ease….
it can’t help but feel necessary and timely in its theatrical release.
Thomas’ meticulous work alone recommends it, but like the story it
follows, it’s the result of many talented women working together for
the common good.”

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DEADLINE: A Call To Spy adds fuel to Specialty Box Office

"Also opening this weekend was the IFC Films World War II dramatic thriller A Call To Spy directed by Lydia Dean Pilcher and written by Sarah Megan Thomas. The film hit 75 theaters this weekend earning an estimated $40,000, with a per-theater-average of $533. The pic was also released on digital and cracked the top 5 on the iTunes chart this weekend. IFC Films is set to add additional theaters in the upcoming weeks."

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Interview with star Radhika Apte. "A Call To Spy' Tells The Story Of
Three Of WWII's Most Daring Women"

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"A Call to Spy Highlights Virginia Hall [played by Sarah Megan Thomas] the Most Powerful Female Secret Agent in Modern History"

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TIME: Inside the Stories of the Most Daring Women Spies

"The new film A Call to Spy, produced, written by and starring Sarah Megan Thomas as Hall and directed by Lydia Dean Pilcher, takes inspiration from the heroic stories of these two spies who made history, and the woman at the center of their secret operations."

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The New York Post - Page 6

"In one of our favorite scenes, Hall is questioned at a checkpoint by a police officer and proudly claims that she writes for The Post, securing her freedom. In 1941, then 35 and living in London after Paris had surrendered, she sent a cable to a friend who worked at The Post offering to send dispatches, and she was hired. Her role as a reporter in France for The Post was a perfect cover for her work as a spy."

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Statesman Review

3.5 out of 4 stars

"The ending is a sobering one, yet it leaves
you with the almost refreshing feeling that you’ve seen a film about,
not superheroes, but real flesh and blood heroes."

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If you're up for a thrilling history lesson: 'A Call to Spy'

Based on real-life figures, the immersive World War II drama focuses on Britain's formation of a female spy network based in France as the Nazis are on the move and close to crossing the English Channel. The film focuses on talented radio operator Noor Inayat Khan (Radhika Apte); Virginia Hall (Sarah Megan Thomas), the American spy ring leader with a wooden leg; and Vera Atkins (Stana Katic), the Romanian-born Jewish recruiter who fights for her charges amid an internal political battle.

Where to watch: Apple TV, Vudu, FandangoNOW

CBS - Philadelphia Native Sarah Megan Thomas Wrote, Produced, Co-Stars In ‘A Call To Spy’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Looking for a movie this weekend? There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the film “A Call To Spy.”

The World War II-era drama shines a light on three pioneering women. Sarah Megan Thomas wrote, produced and co-stars in the project and guess what? She’s a Philly girl.

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REVIEW: “A Call to Spy” (2020)

"'A Call to Spy' is exactly the movie I hoped for. An eye-opening true story of uncommon valor, told through capable direction, a smart affecting script, and three central performances that vividly portray these heroes"

The film also works as a thoughtful World War II history piece with an immersive setting and ample reminders of what was at stake and the sacrifices made. “A Call to Spy” opens October 2nd in select theaters and on VOD.

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Film wins Anti-Defamation League Award at Santa Barbara Film Festival. Jury voted unanimously.

"It is new that the heroes featured are women, and it is certainly worth discussing why it has taken so long for their stories to be celebrated in this way. What made these women truly remarkable, in addition to the challenges they had as "lady spies," was the strength of their common conviction despite their varied identities. ADL is proud to stand up with these filmmakers in highlighting real life heroism."  - ADL "Stand Up" Award"

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Film Threat:


Andy Howell, Film Threat - “Gripping WW II story of women hurriedly trained as spies in Great Britain and sent to France as it was being occupied by Germany.... [The film] is just as immersive as one of the higher budget BBC productions, with period costumes, sets, cars, trains, and even airplanes galore. The script of Liberté is tight, and the direction is solid... when we get to big emotional moments, they are well earned...The acting is solid throughout. The bottom line is that Liberté: A Call to Spy is an important, compelling story that had to be told.... See the film. You’ll want to know more."

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SBIFF 2020 - "Liberte: A Call To Spy" Filmmaker Interview


Programmer's Pick's

"Brilliantly scripted, compellingly acted and celebrating unsung female espionage agents, this feature is a must-see.... a veritable POWERHOUSE of female-led production."

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Hollywood North:

"This film is an incredible achievement for women in film."

This film is an incredible achievement for women in film with Stana Katic as Verra Atkins, Radhika Atpe portraying Noor Inayat Khan and Sarah Megan Thomas playing the role of Virginia Hall and writing and producing the film. Lydia Dean Pilcher directs the film brilliantly. The women that this story is based on are truly incredible and heroic for their sacrifice and contributions in stopping the war. They come from polar opposite backgrounds but unite for a greater cause to become Spymistresses and change the course of history.

Sarah Megan Thomas wrote, produced and acted in it. I had the great privilege of speaking with her in depth about the making of the film.

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Sky News:

ET Canada "behind the scenes" sneak peak: 

BBC Breakfast Interview:

BBC Scotland Afternoon Show:

"Loved the film.... Fascinating, untold story, and a very diverse group. A very fascinating and moving film. It's even more important to tell these stories"

Red Carpet

Radhika Apte To Play WWII Spy In Lydia Dean Pilcher’s ‘Liberte: A Call To Spy’

Radhika Apte has made her mark with many Netflix films and shows such as Sacred Games and Ghoul. And now she is all set to tale on Hollywood! The indie star will be playing World War II British spy Nora Baker in an upcoming Hollywood film, Liberte: A Call To Spy, to be helmed by Oscar-nominated director Lydia Dean Pitcher.  - via Mashable